Best Sundanese Scripting Apps for Android Phones in 2023

Best Sundanese Scripting Apps for Android Phones in 2023

After the previous discussion Java script application, the Caris Signal team is back to discuss a similar application. However, the application that will be discussed here is specifically for the Sundanese script.

Yes, Caris Signal team will recommend several Sundanese scripting apps for Android. Some of these apps have different categories. There is a keyboard, there is purely useful material. Check out the full review below.

Sundanese script converter

As the name suggests, this app works as a Sundanese to Latin script converter. Of course, you can easily convert Latin words into Sundanese script. Just enter words or sentences in the appropriate column. Then let this application process.

When finished, you can copy and paste the entry (copy). You can also listen to the audio version. Yes, the audio pronunciation depends on the Google AI voice. So the pronunciation is not as natural as real people.

The Caris Signal team appreciates the developers of this converter app. Ads are still displayed inside. If you want to remove ads when donating to developers, the fee is around Rp 50,000.

Oh yes, the developer left a message at the beginning of opening the app. The message is that this Sundanese script app is not used to promote cheating, such as cheating in school classes. Download Sundanese Script Converter from Google PlayStore.

Sunda App

Sunda application suitable for those of you who want to learn Sundanese script download. Here is not only a Latin letter to Sundanese script converter, but also a Sundanese script learner. In fact, the results of the conversion from Latin to Sundanese script were given a full explanation.

Learning the Sundanese script itself is a form of writing practice. Later, you can proceed to the Sundanese script writing test. From there you can see the learning results.

Sunda App is also equipped with several other features. One of them is the Sundanese quiz. This quiz contains questions about Sundanese proverbs. You have to guess the meaning of ten proverbs. The questions are presented in the form of a choice from multiple options.

If you are confused, there is a Sundanese proverb feature that is accessible. This feature lists a number of Sundanese proverbs. There is also a fairly complete Sundanese dictionary for those of you who want to learn some Sundanese vocabulary.

The script

The Aksara app is one of the most popular. This is evidenced by the number of downloads that have reached more than 100,000. Aksara can help you convert Latin letters to Sundanese scripts in seconds.

Just enter the words you want and let the app work. In Aksara there is also translation into traditional alphabets in different languages. Starting with Balinese script, Mandailing Batak, Simalungun Batak, Lontara Bugis, Old Javanese, Modern Javanese and more.

Aksara’s appearance is as simple as its functionality. Not too many elements; when it opens you will immediately see the character converter. The application offers options to increase or decrease the size fontsand copy and share the conversion results.

The characters are free to download. There are no ads in the app while the Caris Signal team is testing it. Download Aksara from Google PlayStore.

Smart Sundanese

Smart Sundanese is a simple application. Here are the four features you can access. Call it Indo-Sundanese Dictionary, Sundanese Learning Materials, Indo-Sundanese Quizzes and Translations.

Now, the material for learning the Sundanese script consists of consonants, vowels and letters rarangken. Ranken is a rule in the Sundanese script. It is important to recognize rarangken. reason rarangken this is what can help in writing Sundanese script so it is formed into words or sentences.

The Sundanese dictionary feature in this app contains many Sundanese words with Indonesian meanings. Interestingly, there is also audio for each vocabulary word, so users can learn how to pronounce it. Unfortunately, the number of Sundanese words in his dictionary is still limited.

There is also a quiz function. This feature can be relied upon to know the range skills Sundanese. Complete the multiple choice questions on the basic sentences. You must determine the meaning of the sentence posed in the problem.

Last but not least, there is the translation. It can help you translate words from Indonesian to Sundanese or vice versa. Similar to Google Translate. Here, however, the translation is not equipped with an audio function for pronunciation examples. However, this feature is more than enough and very useful.

This application is very small in size: only 3 MB. Want to try? Download Smart Sundanese on Google PlayStore.

Sundanese script keyboard

Sundanese script keyboard released and developed developers which launched Sundanese Script Converter. This app is an add-on keyboard for Android phones. So if you don’t have a Sundanese keyboard yet, the application is ideal for installing on your mobile phone.

This keyboard app can be used for chat or write digital Sundanese script for various purposes. The interesting thing about Sundanese Script Keyboard is that the language of this app also uses Sundanese. Really full Sundanese.

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