10 Ways to Use a GoPro for the Best Results

10 Ways to Use a GoPro for the Best Results

GoPro is an action camera that makes it easy to capture images anywhere. You can even use it to take pictures underwater while swimming or diving. It's no wonder that many people use GoPro to take pictures while on vacation or in amazing places.

However, did you know that there are some tricks that can make the images produced by GoPro even better? Well, here we will discuss 10 ways to use GoPro for the best results. Let's take your GoPro camera and produce better photos.

Don't Hesitate to Try New Angles

Often the best photos are obtained from unusual angles. Let your imagination run wild to produce better photos and videos. For example, when taking a video of people skateboarding, leave your GoPro on the floor.

GoPro will capture every movement of the skateboarders as they glide along. From here we can judge that people usually prefer to take pictures from above. However, taking pictures from below can also produce good images.

Keep it Short and Sharp

One way to use GoPro for the best results is to record videos with a short duration, but you must sharpen the object being recorded. Actually, it's okay to make videos with longer durations. However, it can be boring for people watching.

Try to record video from GoPro for no more than 3 minutes. However, try to sharpen the object being recorded to grab the attention of those who watch the video.

Use Antix Editing Applications

You certainly don't want to waste time editing videos produced by GoPro, do you? We understand that editing activities can take hours. However, you can use that time to do other activities. Well, now you can leave the editing task to an application called Antix.

This application works by monitoring the movement of objects in the video and making smart guesses when the object does something impressive. Then, this application will combine the best moments to become one video again. This is truly a great application that will help your editing process.

Learn from Professionals

Don't hesitate to learn the best techniques for taking pictures using GoPro from professionals. For example, you have never tried putting GoPro to be a camera attached to a helmet while doing dangerous activities such as cycling or climbing mountains.

Meanwhile, the professionals you meet may have tried that technique first. Join other GoPro users' communities to get the best techniques for taking pictures. In addition, you can also learn how to use GoPro for the best results through articles on the internet.

Connect GoPro with a Smartphone

Through GoPro, you cannot see the camera's point of view without the help of another tool. Well, use your smartphone to see the GoPro's point of view easily. You can see the camera shooting results live just by looking at your smartphone screen.

This method is very useful for determining angles and adjusting settings so that the image or video results can look better. To connect GoPro with a smartphone, you can use Wi-Fi connectivity.

Set the Minimum Setting at 60 fps

According to professionals who have used GoPro in various qualities, starting from 4K, 2.4K, 720p. However, 1080p with 60 frames per second (fps) is the most optimal setting.

4K allows video results to play well on a computer, but for some cameras that are only equipped with 60 fps, that is already good enough. Framerate and quality of a camera are very important. You should pay attention to this setting before starting to use GoPro.

Using GoPro Underwater

One of the benefits of using GoPro is that it can capture footage in places that ordinary cameras cannot reach. It would be a shame to own a GoPro but never use it to record the beauty of underwater nature.

For those who are skilled in diving, they may not hesitate to hold the camera with a monopod. However, if you are not very experienced in diving, it is better to attach the GoPro near your snorkeling goggles. This way, the GoPro will capture everything you see with both of your eyes.

Creating Bird's Eye View without a Drone

These days, drones are widely used to capture bird's eye view images and videos from unusual heights or angles. For this purpose, there are several types of drones that are compatible with GoPro. However, since drones are quite expensive, not everyone can afford them.

One way to use GoPro to get the best bird's eye view footage without a drone is to use a wide-angle lens and a selfie stick that is at least 3 meters long. With this combination of tools, you can guarantee that you will be able to capture bird's eye view videos that look like they were taken with a drone.

Attach GoPro to Your Mouth

This is another option if you want to record videos while doing extreme activities that make it impossible for you to hold the camera. Just place the GoPro in your mouth. This technique is commonly used by surfers who are riding the waves in the ocean.

Today, there are mouth mounts available specifically designed to hold the GoPro. These mounts are designed to be bitten by the user. You will be surprised that this tool can capture footage from the best perspective that you may have never seen before.

Use GoPro for Practice

GoPro is an action camera that can be used not only for capturing travel photos but also for daily activities. Try to use the GoPro every day during any of your activities. For example, if you want to record your activities while skateboarding, use the GoPro while you practice to prepare.

This way, you can correct any mistakes or imperfections that appear in your video footage and improve them to make the video look better. By bringing GoPro while practicing, you can also determine the right angle to get better video recordings.

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