11 Best Sites to Learn English Online

11 Best Sites to Learn English Online

English has become a language that needs to be mastered besides the mother tongue and national language. Almost everyone from different countries uses English to communicate with people from other countries. With English, you can expand your career and education opportunities.

If you can already speak English and want to improve your skills or want to learn from scratch, you can learn using English learning websites. Some are free, and some are paid. Each has its advantages that you need.


Some people prefer to learn using interactive videos, and the same goes for learning English. If you want to learn English using videos, you can choose FluentU.

FluentU presents lessons using English videos such as music videos, conversations, movie trailers, and so on. The videos have been turned into personal language lessons and are accompanied by interactive text.

Not only that, but the video lessons also come with flashcards, quizzes, or other tools that can help you remember everything you have learned. Interestingly, you can learn English using FluentU anywhere, as long as you have downloaded the application on your gadget.

Cambridge English Online

If you are looking for a place to learn English that can support not only students but also teachers, organizations, children, and adults, you can choose Cambridge English Online. This learning site created by an educational institution has a certain level grading system that makes it easier for you to learn English.

The material system provided includes writing, reading, speaking, and listening. Each material will be given a test to assess the English language skills that have been learned. You can use it for free.


One way to learn English that is suitable for pronunciation and also trains listening to get used to English is to choose FutureLearn. At FutureLearn, you can learn from experts from top universities and cultural institutions. They will share their experiences through articles, videos, quizzes, or discussions.

There are several learning program options that you can choose from, ranging from Subjects, Short Courses, Micro-credentials and Programs, or Online Degrees. Interestingly, the subjects in FutureLearn that you can choose from are quite diverse, ranging from Law, Business & Management, History, Literature, Creative Arts & Media, and so on.


Created by the US Institute of Languages, LearnaLanguage is suitable for those of you who want to learn American English. The learning method provided is quite easy and fast. However, the appearance is not complete, so you need to explore the site to find the desired material.

The exciting thing is that here you can not only learn English. Spanish, French, Italian, German, and even Japanese can be learned through this site. Here, there is also a section of phrases in English that is easy to learn.

BBC Learning English

Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and so on can be obtained at BBC Learning English. Here, you can easily learn British English. BBC Learning English is suitable for those who already understand English from intermediate to advanced levels.

The learning method consists of 30 units at each level. Each is divided into five sessions. Then, you can learn it in a fun way. What's exciting is that there is a humor element embedded in some categories, such as Experiment, Shakespeare Speaks, and Grammar Gameshow.

LEO Network

If you prefer to learn using textbook methods, you can choose LEO Network. LEO Network has 57 lessons divided into 12 units. Not only that, but there are also tests and assignments given at the end of each lesson. You can also ask questions by writing them in the comment column.


If you are a visual and auditory learner, it is better to choose LanguageGuide to learn English. The learning system provided is by organizing vocabulary into a set of pictures. Then you can hear and read the words by hovering your mouse over them.

Next, there is a learning system using listening and speaking challenges. In addition, irregular verbs are also learned here along with proper grammar.


When talking about English language learning sites, Duolingo must be included in the list. The easy and fun learning system is indeed a plus for this site. Duolingo uses visual and audio methods.

Interestingly, when installing Duolingo on your gadget, you will receive a notification to learn every day. However, if you like to learn quickly, this site may not be suitable for you.

Moreover, you can also check your English proficiency using the Duolingo English Test. Especially if you will be studying or looking for scholarships at renowned universities such as Yale, John Hopkins, Georgia Tech, Bowdoin, Duke University, and even Columbia University.


The English language learning site that indulges its users is engVid. This site has more than 1,350 learning materials, ranging from grammar, vocabulary, business English, slang, pronunciation, English exam preparation, and so on.

You will learn using videos that feel like you are in a quiz. You can also ask questions by typing them in the chat box. Easy to navigate, intuitive, and having many topics are the advantages of engVid.

If you are still confused about the use of expressions using at, on, or in, as well as describing people, engVid provides materials on these topics.

Dave's ESL Café

The English language learning site that is a paradise for ESL is Dave's ESL Café. ESL stands for English as a Second Language or learning English by speakers with different native languages.

Here you can learn or even become an ESL English teacher. The lessons you can get include grammar, slang, idioms, and phrasal verbs. In addition, there are also quizzes to test your understanding.

Exam English

If you plan to apply for scholarships, work abroad, or apply to government agencies, you need IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC. To get them, of course, you need a series of tests. To avoid surprises, you can try Exam English first to hone your skills.

You can take the tests until your English proficiency is more trained. Indeed, this site is not suitable for beginners who are just learning English. But when your English is better, you can try Exam English.

The list of English language learning sites above can be chosen according to your needs and your level of English. However, the goal remains to help you become more fluent and trained. If you want something simpler, you can learn English through English language learning apps that are widely available for mobile phones. You can also enrich your English vocabulary with English dictionary apps.

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