Here are 10 ways to burn CDs that are easy and practical

Here are 10 ways to burn CDs that are easy and practical

With the advancement of technology, CDs and DVDs are being replaced by more practical devices such as flash drives. However, some people still prefer to store files on discs because of their affordability and large storage capacity.

If CDs are stored properly, they can last a long time, allowing the files within them to be played whenever needed. If you're someone who prefers to use CDs to store data, you need to know how to burn a CD so that it can be played on a CD player. In this article, we will explain what burning a CD means and how to do it.

What is Burning a CD?

Most of you are probably familiar with the term burning a CD. But what does it actually mean? Simply put, burning a CD is the process of copying or writing information onto a CD using a computer's CD drive.

The CD drive that is capable of writing to a CD uses a laser to burn the information onto the surface of the CD, allowing the files within it to be read by a CD player. Essentially, the purpose of burning a CD is to transfer information from a computer to a writable disc.

Most computers come with CD burning software already installed, making the process of burning a CD easier and more accessible. However, if you don't have CD burning software, there are many free programs available online that can help with this process.

How to Burn a CD Without Software

For some people, burning a CD may seem like a complicated process. However, it can be done on your own as long as the device you have supports it. Below are the steps to burning a CD on computers with different operating systems. Let's take a look at the explanations.

Burning a CD on Windows XP

Computers with Windows XP operating system may no longer be in use as it is an old version that has been replaced by newer versions of Windows that offer more diverse features. Although Windows XP is an old OS, it comes with a built-in feature for burning CDs.

Burning a CD on Windows 7 and Vista

It is rumored that Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7. However, if you have a computer with Windows 7 or Vista, you should read the information below about burning CDs. The process of burning a CD on a computer with Windows released in 2009 is not complicated.

Perhaps the number of computer users with Windows 7 operating system is decreasing. However, if you happen to feel comfortable using this device, you can take advantage of the drive for burning CDs from Windows 7.

Burning CDs on Windows 8 and 10

Basically, Windows 8 and Windows 10 have features equipped with burning CDs. To perform the CD burning process, the process is not much different from the process above. The way to burn CDs on Windows 8 and Windows 10 is very easy. Follow the following steps to do it.

How to Burn CDs Using Software

In addition to burning using built-in features on the computer, you can also use software created to help the burning process simpler. One of them is NERO Burning ROM software.

Before you start the CD burning process using the software, make sure the software is properly installed on your device. If it is, you can start the burning process.

The length of the CD burning process for each file will vary depending on how much data will be entered into the CD, the CD drive speed, and the type of drive you use to burn the CD.

The more data you move into the CD, the longer the process will take. The speed of writing information on the drive will determine how quickly files are transferred to the CD.

The standard CD drive speed is usually between 24x and 52x. 52x speed means that the drive will burn information 52 times faster than the amount of file or information to be copied to the CD. Likewise, with a drive that has a speed of 24x.

You should know that burning audio CDs generally takes longer than burning CDs containing data. This is because the software must convert music files so that they can play on standard CD players.

Those are some ways to burn CDs that you can do. Easy, right? You need to remember that even though storing data with a CD is a good way, you should always back up your data to protect the data stored in it. This will protect data in case the drive is damaged or the computer is infected with a virus.

Another thing to note is that file transfer to CDs is permanent. The files that you have copied into them cannot be undone. So, before you do CD burning, make sure all the files you will enter are correct.

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