Recommendation for the Best Korean Drama Streaming Sites

Recommendation for the Best Korean Drama Streaming Sites

It's undeniable that watching Korean films or dramas on illegal streaming sites can be exciting and enjoyable. However, on the other hand, you may worry about the malware that may be caused by these streaming sites.

You don't have to worry because we have summarized some legal Korean drama streaming sites that range from paid to free, specifically for fans of K-dramas. Curious about what they are? Let's check out the discussion below.


The first recommendation for watching Korean dramas comes from Viu. This platform provides streaming services for various Korean drama titles, ranging from classic dramas to dramas that are still on-air. With Viu, you can watch Korean dramas with HD quality in Indonesian or English subtitles.

For those watching ongoing dramas, you don't have to worry about waiting long. This is because Viu updates their drama collection quite quickly. In addition to K-dramas, Viu also provides Korean variety shows as well as other Asian dramas and films, such as China, Japan, Thailand, and the Middle East.

They also provide a download feature, so you can watch your favorite K-dramas offline. And the most important thing is that you can enjoy the content available on Viu for free. However, there are still limitations for free access users, such as not being able to access premium content and still having ads.

So, if you want to access all content, including premium content without any ads, you can subscribe to Viu Premium by paying around IDR 30,000 for one month of use. You can access all of Viu's content through the Viu website or through the app that you can download via the Play Store and App Store.


Most of you are probably familiar with this popular streaming service. As we know, Netflix is known for its epic original content quality. Now, Netflix Originals have also started producing a number of Korean dramas or series, such as Kingdom, Arthdal Chronicles, and the latest Extracurricular and The King: Eternal Monarch.

In addition, Netflix also provides streaming services for various TV shows and movies, including Korean dramas and films. The collection of Korean dramas on Netflix is quite diverse, ranging from old dramas like My Love From The Star to dramas that are currently airing like Hospital Playlist.

Netflix can be relied on for streaming Korean dramas. To enjoy all the content and services that Netflix provides, you must first subscribe. Netflix subscription packages consist of mobile, basic, standard, and premium packages with rates ranging from IDR 49,000 to IDR 169,000. For new subscribers, Netflix will provide free service for the first month.

If your network does not block access to Netflix and you are interested in subscribing to Netflix, you can access it directly via the website or through the app that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store and App Store.

Amazon Prime Video

In addition to providing various collections of original content, Western TV series, movies, and other popular TV shows, Amazon Prime Video also expands its wings to the Asian market by presenting Asian productions, such as anime, films, and also dramas, including Korean dramas.

Although their collection of Korean dramas is not as much as the previous streaming services, some popular Korean dramas are presented here, such as Goblin, The Beauty Inside, 100 Days My Prince, and even classic dramas like Princess Hour. Like other streaming services, Prime Video also provides a download feature, which makes it easy for you to watch dramas offline.

To subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you will be charged a rate of around IDR 85,000 per month. Specifically for new customers, Amazon will provide free access for the first 7 days. Each Prime Video subscriber will also get access to Twich Prime or game streaming services.

If you are interested, you can directly visit the official Amazon Prime Video website or download its application on your Android or iOS device.


This Malaysian streaming service provides a special corner called k-flix, which includes k-drama, k-entertainment shows, and k-news for fans of Korean content. Iflix's collection of Korean dramas is quite extensive, and they even air dramas that are currently airing, such as The World of The Married.

Not only that, Iflix also offers movies, dramas, and TV shows from other Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Some Japanese anime are also available on the Iflix platform. Of course, TV series and Hollywood blockbusters are also available on Iflix.

In addition to its extensive content collection, Iflix also provides download services, making it easy for you to watch without an internet connection. And the most interesting thing is that Iflix's streaming service can be enjoyed for free.

However, if you want to enjoy more facilities like watching premium content, you can subscribe to Iflix VIP by paying around 39,000 rupiahs for one month of use.

Another advantage of Iflix is that they provide free VIP services to customers from some mobile or internet providers. You can enjoy the Iflix service directly on or through a smartphone application that can be downloaded via the Play Store and App Store.


Most Korean lovers are familiar with Viki, an American streaming service for Korean dramas that is quite famous among K-drama fans. The collection of dramas available on Viki is quite complete, ranging from old dramas to the latest ones that have been equipped with subtitles in various languages, including English and Indonesian.

In addition to providing Korean dramas, Viki also has a collection of movies and some Korean variety shows. Not only Korea, through Viki, you can also watch dramas from Taiwan, China, and Japan. The most interesting feature of this site is the learning feature, where you can watch Korean dramas while learning vocabulary and pronunciation.

The content available on Viki can be enjoyed for free. However, if you want to enjoy more complete services such as accessing exclusive content, ad-free, and accessing the latest dramas in HD quality, you can subscribe to Viki Pass by paying around 0.83 dollars or around 12,000 rupiahs to 4.17 dollars or around 60,000 rupiahs per month.

For those interested, you can directly visit the Viki website or you can also download its application on your smartphone via the Play Store or App Store.


Vidio is a legal streaming site that originated in Indonesia. This streaming platform is known for providing live streaming services for local TV channels, domestic series, and films, as well as some Hollywood blockbusters.

The content they provide is not just that. Vidio also offers streaming services for Korean films and dramas. Although its collection is not as extensive as other streaming services, some popular drama titles are available here, such as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Descendants of the Sun, The Moon Embracing the Sun, and many more.

For those of you who are fans of dramas or TV shows from tvN, Vidio also provides live streaming services for tvN. Therefore, you can watch program broadcasts on tvN live.

The services available on Vidio can be enjoyed for free, but unfortunately, free access on Vidio for Korean dramas is quite limited and only available for a few episodes.

For those who want to get premium services, you can subscribe to Vidio Premier by paying around 49,000 rupiahs per month for the platinum premier package or 29,000 rupiahs for the gold premier package.

For those curious about the collection of Korean dramas available on Vidio, you can check them out here. Alternatively, you can also check them out through the smartphone application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store.

KBS World TV

Korean drama fans are surely familiar with one of the largest TV stations in Korea, KBS. KBS also provides live streaming services or reruns of KBS-produced dramas such as Born Again, Once Again, Soul Mechanic, and many more.

In addition, you can also watch other KBS flagship TV programs live, such as The Return of Superman, Music Bank, Two Days and One Night, and many more. Almost all KBS programs come with English subtitles. Some of them are even available with Indonesian subtitles.

Since this is an on-air broadcast, it's best to check the schedule of their programs beforehand. KBS World TV can also be enjoyed via mobile by downloading the application on your Android or iOS device.


In addition to the seven sites above, you can also try watching your favorite Korean dramas on WeTV. By paying a monthly fee of IDR 15,000, you can already watch your favorite Korean dramas.

Not only are there Korean dramas, but you can also watch dramas from China or even popular dramas from Indonesia such as Imperfect The Series directed by Ernest Prakasa on this site.


The iQiyi site can also be relied upon to watch your favorite Korean dramas anytime and anywhere. iQiyi offers three subscription packages for its users.

There is a Standard package with a tariff of IDR 3,000 per month, a Weekly Standard package with a tariff of IDR 12,000, and a premium package worth IDR 75,000. Each package certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages, you just need to adjust to your needs. So, are you interested in trying to stream your favorite Korean dramas on iQiyi?

Those are 9 legal streaming sites and applications for Korean dramas. By watching on legal streaming sites, you can support the creative industry and avoid potential malware attacks that could damage your device.

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