Safe and Practical Ways to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

Safe and Practical Ways to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your laptop keyboard clean. Did you know that a study shows that laptop keyboards are actually dirtier than toilet seats? Even if the keyboard looks clean, there are millions of bacteria hiding inside, which can affect your health.

The only way to deal with this problem is to clean your laptop keyboard regularly. There are several tools you can use, ranging from cotton, brushes to a hair dryer. However, you need to be careful when cleaning it to avoid damaging the keyboard. So, how can you clean it safely? Let's discuss it below.

Various Tools for Cleaning a Laptop Keyboard

Cleaning a keyboard actually does not require complicated tools. You can use some of the items you usually use daily. Here are some examples of items you can use to clean your laptop keyboard.

Tissues / Microfiber Cloth

To clean the outside of the keyboard, you can use tissues or microfiber cloths. You can also use other tools with a not-too-rough surface, such as cotton or regular cloth. These tools are useful for cleaning dust and larger dirt particles that stick to the outer/ surface area of the keyboard.

In addition to tissues and microfiber cloths, you can also use cotton or regular cloth. Just make sure the tool you use is not too rough to avoid scratching your laptop keyboard.

Cotton Bud

If you have cotton buds, use them to clean your dirty laptop keyboard. Cotton buds have a soft cotton tip, making them safe to use. You can use this tool to clean the gaps between the keyboard keys that are difficult to reach with a tissue or cloth.

Considering that the gaps between the keyboard keys are very narrow, make sure to use small-sized cotton buds or adjust them according to the distance between the keys on your laptop keyboard. If you do not have cotton buds, you can also use toothpicks with cotton balls on the tip to create a similar effect.


You can also use a brush to clean dust and dirt on your laptop keyboard. This tool is not only useful for cleaning the outer or surface area, but also for sweeping between the keyboard keys.

You can use any type of brush, such as a small paintbrush or a small makeup brush. You can even use an old makeup brush that is no longer in use. The most important thing is to make sure the brush is not too big, has fine bristles, is not rigid, and not too rough.

Hair Dryer

If you have a hair dryer, you can use it to clean your laptop keyboard. Compared to tissues, cotton buds, and brushes, a hair dryer is more practical and effective in cleaning dust on your laptop keyboard. Even dirt between the keyboard keys can easily be blown away using a hair dryer.

However, you need to remember that a hair dryer produces hot air, so it is best not to use it for too long. Also, make sure your laptop is in a cool state (not just turned off) before cleaning it with a hair dryer.

Special Keyboard Cleaning Gel/Slime

One tool that can be used to clean keyboards is a special gel or slime. Products like this are widely available in the market, especially in several marketplaces at an affordable price. Keyboard cleaning slime is quite sticky, making it effective in removing dust from laptops.

The usage is relatively easy, just place the slime on top of the laptop keyboard, then press or rub it briefly on the keyboard surface. After that, pull or lift the slime, and the dust and dirt will automatically stick to the slime, leaving the keyboard cleaner.

Due to its non-solid texture, the slime can reach the gaps between the keys and clean the dust inside. This product can also be used multiple times. When not in use, the slime can be stored in a closed container and placed in the refrigerator. However, if the slime is too dirty, it is better not to use it again and replace it with a new one.

Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Currently, mini vacuum cleaners specially designed for cleaning keyboards are also easy to find in the market. This tool is relatively small and usually powered by batteries or can be connected to a power source via USB, either to a laptop port or power bank.

Vacuum cleaners like this are very practical for cleaning dirt that sticks to the keyboard. This tool is even effective in suctioning stubborn dust particles that are in between the keyboard keys.

Dust Blower

As the name suggests, this tool is useful for cleaning dirt by blowing air onto the device that needs cleaning. The dust blower sold in the market is generally small and very easy to use.

The usage is also straightforward. Just press the rubber balloon part several times to produce an air blow. With its strong blast, this tool can clean dust and dirt that stick in the gaps between the keyboard keys.

Disinfectant Liquid/Alcohol

It is essential to note that the dirt on laptop keyboards is not just dust but also microorganisms that can harm health. To clean the keyboard thoroughly, you need to use cleaning liquid that contains alcohol to remove harmful bacteria.

The way to do it is by using cotton or microfiber cloth and rubbing it on the laptop keyboard surface. If you are still confused about finding a keyboard cleaning liquid product, you can use hand sanitizer, which is currently widely used by many people.

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